Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Closure; Goodbye KL

Tonight is my last night here in KL. Mix emotions people. Well, not really, but yeah, i'm so gonna miss KL. Maybe alot.

I'll miss the places, the foods, and most importantly, the people. Those people that i care about. I'm gonna miss them all right. I've met almost everyone that I held in high regard. Those who I didn't meet, I wish the best for all of them. I'll be back for you guys soon. When i'm back, let's do something stupid again. I know you all gonna love it.

Below are the names of those who means alot to me that i'm surely gonna miss:

1. Razi Rosli
2. Atiqa Azmi
3. Hariz Shamsurizal
4. Zulhelmi Zulkarnain
5. Zharif Adam
6. Fadzli Dzahrine
7. Rusydi Tukiman
8. Khairi Md. Yasin
9. Afifuddin Zulkifli
10. Afiq Fauzi
11. Mhthesvaran
12. Atiqah Johari
13. Fatin Athira
14. Meyra Panda
15. Amira Filzah
16. Afiqah Mohizan
17. Engku Sofea
18. Nadira
19. Namira
20. Aina Natasya
21. Farah Aziz
22. Farina Hazlin
23. Mohd Zubair
24. Ahmad Hafizuddin
25. Najeeb Ali
26. Khairul Hazwan
27. Mohd Akid
28. Amirah Fauzi
29. Ariff Masrom
30. Ismail Abdullah
31. Amiera
32. Aryna

and then, there's you, whoever you are, just leave me your name here.
I could elaborate about each of the person here in more than a thousand words but one phrase is enough for all of you. Love you all and take care

*Harith and Adib, nama korang takda pasal aku still akan jumpa korang lagi nanti.


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