Thursday, April 2, 2009

Scene Two; Pantas & Garang

Scene Two;

First thing that will come to everyone's mind is, WTF is this guy talking about. Well, here's the deal. Today, I went to the movies. Normal much. I watched Fast & Furious. So like, when the title screen popped out, there's the subtitle. I don't know whether it's the standard procedure or what but is it the norm to directly translate everything. So next time you go out for a movie, tell your friends about the subtitled name instead. Like today, I catched "Pantas & Garang" at the cinema instead of "Fast & Furious". Absurdity max. Who would translate the title man. That's just plain dumb. A friend of mine, let's call him Z shall we, said that, similar case have occured before when he watched a movie at the cinema. The movie was supposed to be "Ghost Rider" but those brilliat translators named the movie "Hantu Rempit". Like what the hell man. That's not even fitting for the movie no matter how badass the movie is. Dah la hantu, then rempit, what the hell. It's like a movie about a rempit who died in an accident being resurrected as a flaming skeleton who challenged all other rempit out there. Think for once, for god sake.

Here are some titles or what-if titles that would be utter ridiculous if there were ever subbed;
1. Lelaki X (X-Men) - instead of a movie about mutants, it's more about some revolutionaire
2. Susah Mati (Die Hard) - Well, it's just sound stupid
3. Susah Mati 2; Lagi Susah Mati (Die Hard 2; Die Harder) - Just when you don't think it'll get stupider
4. Hidup Bebas Atau Susah Mati (Live Free or Die Hard) - Now, it sounds like a political statement
5. Tuan Kepada Cincin; Pengikut Cincin (Lord of the Rings; Fellowship of the Ring) - Like some nutjob who worship a ring
6. Tuan Kepada Cincin; Dua Menara (The Two Towers) - Now, it's a movie about a couple getting married on top of the KLCC

now, here's some more stupid translatation to a character's name;
1. Benda itu (The Thing) - such an embarassing name indeed. no wonder he don't want to be called that name
2. Luke Pejalanangkasa (Luke Skywalker) - Such an inspiring name indeed
3. Besi Berani-o (Magneto) - Dude sound like a retard shit or something
4. Jejaka Hebat (Superman) - With such name, no wonder everyone is scared of him. Gay.
5. Pelawak (Joker) - The only feeling that the audience will feel is confused and a feel of being rip-off. It's like watching raja lawak. damn.

So like yeah, humor much. That's all the humor that I could spare to you, dear readers. Maybe when i can think of any other absurd name, i might put it somewhere.

To sum it all up, Fast & Furious 4, amidst the negative reviews, is actually quite an interesting movie. Though, more racing and less drama is needed in that movie. There's only one "real" racing scene and nothing else. That's like eating a steak without a meat. The gravy is still good, but come on, we want to eat the goddamn meat. There's a few plotholes too. From the scale of 1 to 10, i gave the movie a mediocre 5. It's not that good, but at least, it's a bit entertaining all right

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Oh, and as an update about what's inside here. Things have changed a bit. I'm still the same character but I'm dealing with a different kind of situation right now. Waiting. That's all that i could say. Whether I'll win in the end or I'll crumble and fall, I let the event unfold itself later.

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Goodbye and Goodnight :)

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