Thursday, February 26, 2009

Day 10; When It Came to an End. Or so It Seems

Day 10;

Life has it's ending. Civilisation has it's ending. Generation has it's ending. Story has it's ending. My story, I'm about to end it. Albeit forcefully but it is the best solution I could think of. I'm not going to repeat the same sentence for an eternity. It's going to get redundant if I keep doing it. Babbling about how sucks life is for me is not really my favorite thing to do. Thus, I wonder why I keep doing it on and on. I'm having some problem with a small thing called emotions. It's what keeping me insane. Yet, it keeps me sane at the same time.

The easiest way to get rid of it, or at least to fix it is by letting it out or to bury it deeper. Me, I'm having the problem to decide to do which. Either of these two, there's one that is better than the other. I just couldn't figure it out. To let it out means to accept the truth which can either be a happy truth, or a sad truth, whichever comes first. To bury it deep means to be hopeful, but nothing can be hid forever right. So what's the point of keeping it all to myself.

SO, as to make things easier, I've decided to not do anything. Yeah. That's the best solution. To forget something is my forte. Once I forgot it, I won't even be bother anymore. But to forget it doesn't mean to cast it away. If it's there, it was there for a reason. My emotion that is. So, I'll try to ignore what I feel and try to continue living and pretend that nothing has happened. Maybe when the day comes, I'll stop pretending and start living out what I wanted.

p/s anything that I've posted after 3.30 am wont be followed by mood, quote,lyric and song for the day. I'll be too damn lazy to do anything. Please take note. Thanks

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